Unsere Strategie für Nachhaltigkeit in Denken und Handeln

A multifaceted approach

Our strategy for producing sustainable and flexible packaging is based on our unique 6R Strategy This strategy is intended to support us with the development of sustainable and innovative packaging solutions together with you and your products, and to inspire us to practice the sustainability concepts we preach.



Making efficient use of raw materials through sophisticated recycling systems



Using renewable materials



Replacing all packaging with a more sustainable alternative



Making packaging either highly recyclable (cradle-to-cradle) or as biodegradable as possible



As little as possible, as much as necessary



Taking full responsibility in word and deed

6R Strategy for sustainable packaging s­olutions

1. Recycle

Sophisticated recycling systems allow us to make efficient use of raw materials. This is why the BEUCKEGROUP has been developing a large number of recyclable types of packaging for its customers in recent years. This includes single-material packaging made from PP, PE or polyolefin, all of which can also be used to produce high-barrier packaging. No matter whether we are talking flexible packaging or deep-drawn lids, here at the BEUCKEGROUP, we are fully aware of the importance of environmentally-friendly products and are already making a valuable contributing to the circular economy with our innovative recyclable packing.


2. Reinvent

Our 6R Strategy is a pledge to our customers that we will replace all packaging that contains non-sustainable materials with a more sustainable alternative. This means that we will need to reinvent packaging in terms of the materials used to produce it and use creative approaches to replace them with more sustainable solutions. Approaches to reinvention could include use of identical but thinner materials, replacing aluminium with metallised films and plastics with substrates produced from sustainable materials such as paper and cellulose.


3. Reduction

We produce our sustainable packaging solutions on the basis of the principle of “as little as possible, as much as necessary”. In doing so, we always strive to utilise innovative substrates and packaging solutions that are guaranteed to offer the same features and level of product protection, but require less material to do so.


4. Renewable

We will only be able to make the best possible use of the natural resources on the earth if we start curbing the use of non-renewable resources and replace them with renewable and hence sustainable alternatives. This is why the BEUCKEGROUP’s R&D has already successfully realised in a number of packaging concepts for our customers. These packaging solutions largely decompose back into their natural elements and do not release any microplastics.


5. Rot

The BEUCKEGROUP's vision for the future is based on two key factors that all future packaging should be based on. 1. Packaging should either be highly recyclable, which would mean that its materials would be reused in line with Cradle-to-Cradle design. 2. Or it should be highly biodegradable, which is an alternative that the BEUCKEGROUP’s R&D has already successfully realised in a number of packaging concepts for our customers. These packaging solutions largely decompose back into their natural elements and do not release any microplastics.


6. Responsibility

Last but by no means least, the 6th “R” of our strategy for producing sustainable packaging solutions expresses our commitment to taking responsibility. The BEUCKEGROUP is dedicated to taking full responsibility in word and deed. From sustainable offices to energy and solvent recovery in production, from the raw materials to the finished product.


Your expert in sustainable packaging – get in touch now

We are looking forward to hearing from you and are always happy to provide advice. Our paper and film packaging specialists – Mr. Niestrath and Mr. Gehrmann – have a wealth of experience and expertise and will be happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements. No matter what your specific circumstances, our two experts are also your contacts for discussing any matters related to efficiently integrating your new packaging into your production processes. Get in touch now and take the first steep to looking good in the marketplace.

Christopher Niestrath

R&D Manager Packaging Food & Non Food

Christopher Niestrath is our specialist for flexible packaging for food / non-food items.

Robin Gehrmann

R&D Manager Packaging Tobacco

Robin Gehrmann is our specialist for flexible packaging for tobacco products.